Vision Statement

En-Count wants to expand into all sectors of business in order to raise the understanding of Greenhouse Gas emissions accounting to help all businesses utilise emissions accounts and succeed in providing yearly emissions and environmental impact reductions on their products and services

About Us

En-Count was set up by Sam Chapman who is completing his PhD in Carbon Assessment of Energy Systems from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

This follows his qualification from a Masters in Structural Engineering with Architectural Design. He studied at the Czech Technical University in Prague, CZ and also was on the ICE QUEST Sponsorship program throughout his degree, partnered with Atkins Ltd and working in a variety of placements with them around the UK.

He has conducted large-scale carbon life cycle assessments of offshore wind farms and the associated stages within these civil projects. His selling point is this in-depth research into the rapidly developing energy sector and detailed knowledge of the project stages involved. He also sits onthe Management Board of ICARB, the Initiative for Carbon Accounting who organise workshops, of which Sam leads the Energy workshops, as well as the Annual International ICARB Conference.

He is also currently on the Power of Youth Scotland year-long program for young entrepreneurs.

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