Case Studies


The events company who have pioneered ticketless events for years wanted to know more accurately how much smaller their environmental impacts were per gig than traditional ticketing companies. En-Count worked with WeGotTickets to conduct a full life cycle study of their system of supplying entrance to events and compared this with traditional companies who send out hard copies of their tickets or with companies who request the customer prints their email confirmation. The results were startling! Together with CEO, Dave Newton, Sam Chapman (En-Count) presented the findings at the International Live Music Conference - A Greener Festival. You can view the report here.

Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm (Irish Sea)

Full LCA of Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm (150MW) has been conducted in order to find the total life cycle greenhouse gas emissions associated with large-scale offshore wind projects. This was done with kind permission from Vattenfall. The results show that such plants have a carbon and energy payback period of just over one year. Alongside a process-based LCA (which utilises material inventory information along with details of the supply chain and transportations) a product-based LCA was also conducted. This utilised economic data and average cost data for the various stages of the life cycle of an offshore wind farm, producing a time-effective and cost-specific method for conducting a life cycle study. Please contact En-Count for more details.

Eco-Brick Development

Managing a project with Heriot-Watt University looking into using waste / recycled materials in earth wall construction and the development of an eco-brick. Different waste and recycled products are being identified as useful alternatives to virgin materials. New markets and economic opportunities are being looked at for these materials in relation to the construction industry. Please contact En-Count for more details.

Research Project
for city-level carbon accounting

A research project in the preliminary phases is being lead by ICARB ( to conduct an attribute analysis of current city-level carbon accounting methodologies. This will then lead to a proposal of a framework for city-level carbon accounting for the Scottish Government. Please contact En-Count for further details.

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