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Greenhouse Gas (and Carbon) Footprinting for whole supply chains

Wind Farms (and Wave and Tidal and small-scale renewable projects) Carbon Balance Assessment ISO Life Cycle Assessment

Products and Construction Materials ISO LCAs PAS2050 – life cycle greenhouse Gas assessment of goods and services

En-Count can develop research or other bespoke projects with a client and are happy to discuss any potential ideas.


Environmental Assessment of a product or service. In particular, carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions can be focused upon due to the current interest in their effects. These can be conducted on three tiers as outlined below. Please also contact En-Count for other environmental impacts that can be assessed.

Basic Assessment (1 week)

This will be the most basic service offered and will provide the customer with a full life-cycle environmental assessment of their technology or indeed product or service.

Aware Assessment (3 weeks)

This service will provide full life-cycle environmental assessment and highlight areas of large environmental impact. This provides businesses with the potential to reduce their environmental impact whether it is for a product, service or activity.

Reduction Assessment (8 weeks)

This is the top-end service. The service will inform a business of its environmental impacts, highlight potential areas for impact reduction and offer a logical plan for reducing the associated life cycle emissions over an agreed upon timeframe. This service will add value by suggesting optimal savings of both environmental impacts and costs.

  • ISO LCAs
  • Greenhouse Gas footprinting
  • Communication consulting
  • Working to the GHG Protocol
  • Consultancy on entering renewables markets

Can offer bespoke research projects to companies wishing to further understand their intended good or service. Create and Manage multi-discipline projects. Proof-Reading and Transcription services also available

My use of well-established software and databases for environmental assessment gives me a good industrial footing for conducting valuable assessments that fulfil product specifications but also planning consents.

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